Hughes Brothers is a family owned business founded in 1921. Hughes Brothers manufacturers pultruded FRP composite products for internal reinforcing under the trade name Aslan FRP™. The Aslan FRP product line includes Aslan 100 GFRP Rebar, Aslan 200 CFRP Rebar, Aslan 500 CFRP Tape and Aslan 600 GFRP dowel bars. Aslan FRP products are incorporated in new construction as well as strengthening of existing concrete, masonry and wood structural elements.




The primary objective of this international consulting group of networked firms is to provide engineering and supporting services to owners and industry for the introduction and use of FRP composites in construction in a safe and economical way. An analysis of the worldwide situation has indicated that as the construction industry attempts to modernize and offer constructed facilities of higher value and increased longevity, there is a need of experienced professionals to help in this transition.
The professional background of the members of Coforce is research and development (R&D), design, education, and service in professional societies. Their experience spans over all the traditional construction materials and systems and is enriched by direct experience in fiber-reinforced composites since 1989. Coforce International is an engineering and consulting service group of firms located in three continents.

Each firm provides the same core of services tailored to that regional market. These services include:

  • Pre-engineering of strengthening projects that require the use of FRP composites or innovative materials as structural reinforcement;
  • Professional engineering design;
  • Load testing of structural components or assemblies with data interpretation and analysis;
  • Research and development in the areas of: a) equipment and sensor related to health monitoring and load testing, and b) new materials and construction technologies;
  • Technology transfer.