Master Contractors LLC provides three types of services:

  1. Strengthening and rehabilitation of structures;
  2. Load testing of structures; and,
  3. Construction of residential and commercial buildings using Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF).


The utilization of new, high-performance materials can play an important role in rebuilding and rehabilitating the world's deteriorating infrastructure.

Master Contractors LLC provides services for the installation of FRP composite strengthening systems. These systems are four to ten times stronger than steel depending on the strengthening system. The manufacturer of the strengthening system provides the system components.

Master Contractors LLC completed an intensive training program covering design considerations to hands-on application sponsored by the system manufacturer.

In some cases, re-establishing the original integrity of the structure is not adequate. Often strengthening is required not only to correct an existing deficiency, but also to adapt the structure to the requirements of a new use with assured safety.

Retrofitting techniques are needed to preserve and increase the value of the investment. Rather than demolish and rebuild structures, especially buildings, are retrofitted to have a new life with improved performance and safety.


Diagnostic load testing is a full-scale field test protocol that can provide architect, structural engineer, contractor, and owner with a powerful tool for a non-destructive yet conclusive evaluation of the performance of a constructed facility. A diagnostic load test is conducted with hydraulic jacks applying concentrated loads in a number of quasi-static loading-unloading cycles.

The reaction for the hydraulic jacks or the applied loads can be provided in a variety of ways, as demonstrated in several projects. A diagnostic load test can demonstrate the real-life performance of an existing structure more representatively than analytical approaches, especially when little is known about the material properties and existing reinforcement. In cases of structural rehabilitation, there may be doubts about certain aspects or characteristics of the structure due to construction flow, deterioration, or unavailability of original design information.

A diagnostic load test can provide valuable information on the structural performance using applied load locations and response measurements designed to target a certain characteristic of the structure. The diagnostic load test may result in significant time and labor savings.

The structural response is monitored during testing to ensure stability of the system at every load level, which is a key to a successful diagnostic load test. The stabilization of the structural response parameters under a constant load shows the member's ability to safely maintain that load. The key structural response parameters are derived from the applied loads, crack widths, strains, displacements, rotations or slopes of the tested member.



Master Contractors LLC is in the process to become an LEED certified contractor to build residential and industrial facilities using insulating conrete forms.

Five Ways ICFs Help Build Green
1. Optimized energy performance.
2. Recycled materials content.
3. Improved indoor air quality.
4. Extracted and manufactured locally.
5. Extended building life cycles.